Today's Show "Just A Little Less"

Just A Little Less

Danny is back from a very big adventure in California, filming an episode of The Kids Are Alright which is on ABC Tuesdays at 8:30pm. Sarah updates us a new presidential candidate and a pair of shoes that seems a little hipster for our taste. We chat about Nirvana and The Jonas Brothers in Music & Entertainment plus all you need to know about The Sounders,Mariners and Jason Witten in sports!

Strange Pursuits

A company in Japan is selling super realistic, custom made, human-sized models of your pet's head that you can wear as a mask which would be a very strange thing to buy, which makes us ask what was one of your strangest purchases? The answers get a little crazy. We play The FINAL round of "Our Other Favorite Heart Songs!" Danny tells us all about his Big News of The Day! Plus we play Where has Sarah's Beaver Been?

Taking You Down To The Hobby Lobby

Sarah's husband has a new hobby and it makes us discuss all the hobbies we want to try! We play a game about Whiskey for tickets to Whiskey Rocks NW happening this Saturday at the newly named T-Mobile Park you can still buy tickets at Sarah has all the info on a high speed chase in the area, some scary info about butt implants and oh so much more in news! We chat about some cool Woodstock news and some interesting new movies heading our way in music and entertainment. The Friday Fun Fact and of course everything you need to know about The Mariners and more in SPORTS! Plus we tell you about the new movies headed to theaters this weekend!

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