Sarah's Beer of the Week 03.14.19

This week a group of friends and I went to the Flying Bike Cooperative Brewery in Greenwood. Yeah, a co-op brewery! Member owned. And you can buy a membership! We just there to drink the beer. The room is a pretty good size, with an industrial feel. Plenty of seats, there are games, and nice big windows. There were more beers styles available than I was expecting. Rye, Stout, IPA, Scotch, Saison and more. They even offer ciders for non beer lovers. I had an India Red Ale which was quite good. You can see who made the beer/who's recipe it is. What a cool way for beer lovers and home brewers to be an actual brewer and be part of a brewery. More and more breweries open every day, but it can't be an easy task. And I'd imagine it's pretty expensive. A co-op is pretty clever. For me, I'll stick with drinking the beer, but I appreciate all you people who brew!


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