Today's Show "Greetings From Planet Cheese!"

Greetings From Planet Cheese!

The show kicks off with Danny getting all fancy with his cheese! Sarah updates us on a local trooper who got injured in Everett, a whole lot of peoples records got compromised at UW and oh so much more in News. We talk about the upcoming Woodstock reunion in music and Entertainment PLUS SPORTS!


Danny and The Ants!

Sometimes people get a little TOO into something, for example Danny used to dress up like Adam the Ant in the 80's so we talk about all the things we have gotten a little too into. We play "Foreigner, I Don't Even Know Her!? Danny lays down the Big News of The Day PLUS Sarah's Filthy Forecast.



There is a petition online to sell Montana to pay off the debt in this here U. S. OF A, so we discuss all the things/places we would sell to pay off the debt! We play the second installment of NAME THAT TUNE played by our very own Danny Bonaduce! Sarah updates us on on some new jobs becoming available at SeaTac Airport, and one really old turtle in the News. Sad News in Music and Entertainment Plus a whole lot of SPORTS!



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