Today's Show " Poop Earrings?"

Poop Earrings?

Danny thought he heard someone say poop earrings this morning and now we know they really are a thing. Sarah gives us a heads up on some more impending snow, a real reason not to visit the not so grand canyon in the news, plus Steve Miller Band has a pretty great announcement, one pop star has beat the Beatles in Music and Entertainment plus The Sounders, Mariners and A whole lot of $$ all in sports!


I've Been To Hell And Back

We hear a lot of strange town names in the news, so we discuss places we want to avoid or visit because of their name! We have the next installment of "Foreigner, I don't even know her!" Danny Clues us in on his Big News Of The Day, PLUS Jellybeans Joke of The Week!!!


You're Just A Habit

We all have strange habits, some of them weirder than others from keeping everything nice and tidy to singing songs for no reason we talk about it. We play the first installment of NAME that tune featuring Danny Bonaduce on guitar!! Plus Sarah fills us in on things that are changing at Seatac Airport, another fashion line is having to apologize and we've found one giant grapefruit. Plus updates on Ozzy and Kiss in Music and Entertainment as well as all things Sounders, Mariners and some very expensive NCAA basketball tickets!



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