Today's Show "Cougar's In the Cradle"

Cougar's In the Cradle

Paul had to fight cougars to get to work! Well, maybe not but it was a real possibility. Danny had some ramen drama and oh so much more. In the news Sarah keeps us updated on the 911 outage in North Bend, Issaquah and sad news for one brewery in Portland. Apparently today is a day full of animals, first Paul has to deal with a cougars, then Sarah tells us about a Tiger in national news and then we talk about the Westminster Dog Show in Entertainment! We talk about whole lot of Football in Sports!


People Behaving Badly With Rick Jones

In news the other day we talked about a guy who admitted to never washing his hands and most of us were a little grossed out and didn't see the guy in the best light, which kicked off the topic what type of behavior makes you think less of someone. The next installment of "Band on the Run" is played to win tickets to see Paul McCartney play at BC place on July 6th. We have special guest Rick Jones from Goldberg Jones giving out free law advice during Life Coach PLUS Jellybeans Joke of the Week.


Tie Your Mother Down

One lads mom is in big trouble with campus police for showing his picture around and trying to get him a date, so we discus times our mothers or mother-in-laws have been invasive or interfered in our life. Sarah updates us on a local shooting in Burien, we talk about El Chapo, a parade Trump wants to put on and one monkey who has been stolen! Aerosmith has some big news plus an update on Bill Cosby in Music and Entertainment PLUS you can't forget about Sports!



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