Seattle Snowpocalypse Is Here

Waking up at 2:30am to leave the house by 3:50am is never easy, but adding snow to the extra early drive is "extra" fun. Raise your hands if you had to use a broom to get the snow off of your car today!! That's right some of us had to get a little creative this morning. Almost crashing while getting on to the freeway is one way to really get your blood pumping in the morning but I don't recommend it.

I also don't recommend heading out into the snowy world today if you don't have to, try and use those sick and vacation days if you can. Keep in mind a ton of schools are closed in the PNW due to the snow you can see the full list of coursers here

A lot of businesses in the area are also closed or are closing early due to the snow, so check their websites or call before you plan on heading out. I got an email from my go to pet store earlier (shout out to Pet Pros!! ) telling me they are closing early today which is actually nice to know since I was planning on heading there on the way home from work today to pick Square up some dog food. (yes my dog is named Square if you didn't already know that)

BE SAFE OUT THERE YOU PEOPLE!! Oh and send me your snow pictures I want to post them :)


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