Today's Show "Fistful Of Teeth"

Fistful Of Teeth

Danny's dentist visit yesterday took a strange turn and apparently his dentist thinks Danny hates him. Sarah updates us on a deadly hit and run that happened overnight, and the Magma issue at Mount St. Helens. There's a very interesting partnership happening with The Washington State Penitentiary, the polar vortex is still causing issues in the Midwest and oh so much more in the news. We talk about some very exciting AC/DC news, and apparently Danny isn't as excited as the rest of us are about the new reboots of Chucky, The Seattle Reign FC is on the move along with oh so much more in Music, Entertainment and Sports!

It's Just Too Much

Recently in the news there were over 600 bats located in a school, so we discuss times were we have seen just TOO MUCH of something. We play "Bring The Thunder" for a chance to see the Thunderbirds play the Silvertips this Friday, plus a $25 Gift Card to Jimmy Mac's Roadhouse. Danny tells us about his Big News of the Day which includes some crazy news about Elephant Seals, Disco Balls, but not the kind your thinking about and a few other gems. And of course you can't forget about Sarah's Filthy Forecast!

Paper Thin Walls

We've all overheard something not meant for us to hear right? Or had someone hear you saying something you did not intend for their ears, well we discuss a few of those cases. Sarah updates us on Local news including the fact that living in Western Washington instead of Eastern Washington may be good for your health! In music headlines we learn about a stupid criminal, a new music biopic and another fail celebrity clothing line. There was an epic memorial for Stan Lee in Los Angles and CBS All Access just announced an interesting new show. We round out the show with all the top headlines in Sports!

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