Today's Show "Don't Forget Your Teeth"

Don't Forget Your Teeth

Is Danny lazy, or just efficient? You be the judge!?! Sarah fills us in on some local crime that's a little concerning and some positive things for lovers of Dick's Burgers! Along with a whole lot more in National, out of the ordinary and of course Oh Florida News. We talk a little about Ozzy, a Springsteen inspired movie and a new famous restaurant headed out to JBLM in Music and Entertainment PLUS we have all the info on the upcoming Superbowl Game. 

Sorry, Have I Overshared?

We all have that one person in our life who always makes us cringe or just tells you a little bit more than you want to know. We talk about those people and the things they have been known to overshare. We play the second installment of "Bring The Thunder" for tickets to see The Thunderbirds play The Silvertips at the ShoWare Center in Kent PLUS a $25 gift Card to Jimmy Mac's. Danny hooks us up with the Big News of the Day which includes A wall but not the one your thinking about, One persons Donation that they are truly regretting and much much more. Of Course you can't forget about Sarah's Filthy Forecast!!!

Passion Rules The Game

Louis Vuitton is coming out with their own very version of Jenga which kicks off a fun discussion about which games are the best, from Cribbage to the new listener invented game "Will Danny Snort today?" we talk about them all. Sarah tells us whats new in local news, national and off the wall news. PLUS a young yodeler is apparently hitting the road solo and other fun bits in Music, Entertainment and of course Sports!

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