Today's Show "The Hardest Button To Button"

The Hardest Button To Button 

Danny hit the wrong button last night and could be dealing with some angry family members today. Sarah, Danny and Paul decide to kill off Amanda, there's a whole lot of Crocodiles in India, and other fun things in the News. Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper preform in Las Vegas this weekend and Paul missed them plus we talk about the Pro Bowl, Mariners and of course the Superbowl in sports . 

Three O'Clock In The Morning Blues 

We all do different things to wake up in the morning from Wake and Bake to Eating Oranges in the shower and we try and talk about them all. We play the first installment of "Bring the Thunder!" For a pair for tickets to see The Thunderbirds take on The Silvertips at The ShoWare Center PLUS a $25 Gift Card to Jimmy Mac's Roadhouse. Danny Bonaduce tells about his Big News of the Day which includes Some interesting facts about Donald Trump and where he is donating his salary, Pizzagate apparently is still happening and some real road rage that took place in Massachusetts. Of course you can't forget about Busniess News with Jim The Flagger! 

No Time To Say Hello, Goodbye I'm Late! I'm Late! I'm Late! 

A woman showed up a month early for a job interview and the news went viral. Which kicks off a discussion about times we have been super early or super late to something. Sarah has Local, National and just plain weird news covered plus Doc Martins has teamed up with the Sex Pistols on some new footwear and other fun things in Music, Entertainment and of course Sports.

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