Today's Show "Thin Line Between Love and Hate"

Thin Line Between Love and Hate

Danny declares that he hates his wife... but for reasons we aren't quite sure of.  Sarah has all we need to know about local, national and weird news. Big news regrading The Upstream Festival here in Seattle, Plus other great headlines in Music, Entertainment and Sports.

It's All In The Movies 

Swifties rejoice! Taylor Swift has been added to the cast of the upcoming film production of Cats, which makes us ask, What current or upcoming movies would you want to be apart of? We play "Don't Fear The Umlaut!"for a chance to see Blue Oyster Cult on March 30th at the Emerald Queen Casino. Danny updates us on his Big News of The Day! Plus Sarah's Filthy Forecast

Are You Slightly Inflated?

We have a conversation about things we have seen for sale at an inflated price, Sarah gives us an update on Local, National and just straight up weird news. Amanda has samples of Weezer's new album full of cover songs, plus Sarah has other fun headlines in Music, Entertainment and Sports!

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