Check Out Today's Show " Fondue or Fondon't "

Fondue or Fondon't 

Danny has decided 2 things:

A. He needs to be on Dax Shepard's podcast

B. Fondue is not doable without double dipping

Sarah updates us on some traffic issues hitting the Seattle and Tacoma area, some unexpected flights being delayed at pain field and other gems in local news. We hit on national and weird news along with Music, Entertainment and of course Sports headlines including a congrats to Edgar Martinez.

Back Seat Of My Car

We have a discussion about weird things we have seen done in cars! From people riding with pets, to people driving from the passenger seats I think we have seen it all. We play the second installment of "Don't Fear The Umlaut!" for tickets to see Blue Oyster Cult out at Emerald Queen Casino on March 30th. Danny Tells us all about his big news of the day which includes the newest list of the least-affordable housing markets in the world, A follow up to the beer thief who looked like Ross from friends, The Oscar Meyer Wiener Truck and MORE. Plus Jellybeans Joke of the Week!!!

Well that's Just Rude!?!

Miami tops a new list of Most Rude Cities which kicks off a conversation about places we have seen people be rude California seems to be high on the list but there are some fun answers that might surprise you others seem pretty straight forward, I mean everyone knows people are rude on Black Friday right? Sarah has News, Entertainment and Sports to close out the show!  

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