Today's Show " It's a Chinese Food Conspiracy"

It's a Chinese Food Conspiracy 

Danny has apparently been banned from more places than he can count and so far in Seattle he has only been banned Chinese restaurants, coincidence we think not! Sarah tells about local and national news! We talk about the Oscar nominations, and other Music and Entertainment headlines. PLUS of course we talk about SPORTS!! 

Winner Takes it All 

Don Cheadle apparently is the Boggle Champion on the set of Avengers which makes us wonder what would you want to be the champion of? From Gumbo to Pinochle the list gets a little weird. 

We play the first installment of " Don't Fear The Umlaut" For a chance to win tickets to see Blue Oyster Cult On March 30th at The Emerald Queen Casino. 

Danny tells about his big news of the day, which includes a follow up story to the Chinese Researcher who created the first Gene-edited baby. We talk the Oscars and of course the Razzies and many others! 

PLUSSS Sarah gets a little dirty with her Filthy Forecast. 

Workin' 9 to 5

There are some horrible jobs out there and we discussion them from a weather person stuck in a horrible climate to a honey bucket cleaner. Sarah updates us on local, national and just plain weird news. We talk entertainment and music headlines plus sports!

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