Today's Show "Freeze The Frame"

Freeze The Frame

Danny and Amy take an extra special trip to Micheals and come home with a few special things. Sarah keeps us updated on News, Entertainment and Sports!

Fight Fire With Fire with Special Guest Rick Jones

In this segment we discuss common arguments and fights that seem to be had in our homes. We play this weeks game "They are the Champions" for a chance to win tickets to see Queen + Adam Lambert on July 12th at the Tacoma Dome. Rick Jones from Goldberg Jones joins us to answer your questions about custody, child support and of course all things Divorce. Jelly Bean brings the 7 o'clock hour to a close with Jellybeans Joke of the Week!

Let's Get Branded

When it comes to picking out a logo or brand some companies do it better than others, we discuss our favorites from Apple to Target. Sarah closes out our Wednesday with News, Entertainment and of course Sports!

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