Today's Show "It's All About The Tips"

It's All About The Tips

Danny has some issues with tipping, well just money in general. Sarah fills us in on News, Sports and Entertainment. 

Trial Mix

There have been some interesting trials in the news as of late so we discuss criminal cases and trails that have been captivating. We play the second installment of our newest game " They Are The Champions" kicks off for a chance to win tickets to see Queen and Adam Lambert at Tacoma Dome July 12th! Danny has his Big News of the Day and Sarah closes out the 7am hour with her Filthy Forecast.

Fools Never Learn 

Apparently only 74% of Americans can change a tire which started a fun conversation about things we wish we knew how to do like playing guitar, ballroom dancing and everything in between.  Sarah tops off the show with News, Entertainment and Sports.

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