Today's Show "Rabbit in Your Headlights"

Rabbit In Your Headlights 

Danny made a new friend this morning, of the animal variety. Sarah fills us in on what happened over the weekend in News, Entertainment and Sports.

Teenage Wasteland 

Sarah admitted to stealing a yield sign when she was a kid and feels pretty dang guilty about it. We discuss shocking things we did when we were kids. The first installment of the new game "They are The Champions" for a chance to win tickets to see Queen with Adam Lambert on July 12th at the Tacoma Dome. Danny tells us about his big news of the day. Jim the Flagger closes out the hour with his business News 

Big Girls Don't Cry

Sarah cried while watching football this weekend and Danny admitted he cry's every time Rocky in on which started a conversation about things that we have a real soft spot for? Sarah brings the show to a close with News, Entertainment and Sports. 

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