Today's Show "Pulling Teeth"

Pulling Teeth

Danny is having some teeth drama and is apparently very famous in Ghana. Sarah clues us in on the News, Entertainment and Sports. 

I Hate Myself For Loving You

Danny has started to love meditating and is trying to be a vegan, which brought the following topic into play, What are things you thought you would Hate but you ended up liking? Our final installment of Choose Your Battle!! For tickets to Battle at The Boat 119 at the Emerald Queen Casino on Jan 11th. Danny fills us in on his big news of the day PLUS We play Where has Sarah's Beaver Been to win tickets to see Kansas At the Paramount on April 13th. 

Golden Memories 

Tiger Woods is building a public golf course because of memories he had at a public golf course with his dad, so we discuss our best memories we have with our parents. Sarah has the News, Her Friday FUN Fact and Entertainment PLUS Softy From 950AM KJR Joins us for Sports! 

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