Today's Show "Punching Amanda"

Punching Amanda 

This hour includes Danny telling us why he wants to punch Amanda, plus Danny and Sarah fill us in on their vacations. Sarah keeps us up to date with the News, Sports and Entertainment! 

The Dog Statue Amanda got Danny

Let's Leave That Behind

2019 is finally here and we discuss what trends like avocado toast do we hope stay in 2018. The first installment of Choose Your Battle, where you play to win tickets to Battle at the Boat 119 at Emerald Queen Casino on Jan 11th. Danny's Big News of the Day PLUS we top off the hour with JellyBean's Joke of the Week! 

Got a Bad Rap

In this hour we have an interesting conversation about people and places and things that get a bad rap! Sarah brings the show to a close with News, Entertainment and Sports. 

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