Ann Wilson Selling Seattle Home

Ann Wilson of Heart, has just put her Capitol Hill mansion up for sale.  Before I give you the price, allow me to walk you through the same steps that Ann has walked for the past three decades.  And "only if" these walls could speak, would we be treated to many stories of late-night rock parties, a place of solace, and a long history dating back over one-hundred years.

It all began in the year 1912, when Seattle was recovering from the Klondike Gold Rush and a circus was coming to town, literally.  Featuring a handful of elephants parading down Pike Street to the joyful confusion of bystander's.  And just over the hill from all this commotion was the grand opening of Seattle's Boulevard Inn, where the city's elite and richest families would go to wine and dine in private.

Fast-forward to the 1930's and Washington State's first licensed female architect bought the mansion.  Elizabeth Ayer was also a well-known local architect, and she refurbished the mansion with the latest traditional styling of that time.  

In 1980, Ann Wilson bought the property and for decades to come she would sneak away to her hidden oasis in the middle of Seattle.  This was during Heart's peak in record sales, and when you combine a top rated rock group with a very accessible party pad in the middle of the city, you can bet your Doc Martens that this mansion has seen many, many parties betwixt its walls.

4 bedrooms, 5 baths, 6 fireplaces, formal dining room, pool and spa along with a bath house, a roof top deck, you name it and Ann Wilson's Ol' Yeller probably has it.

Here's the price: $4,750,000 and to check it out head to


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