Shrinking in Seattle

According to a new study, Seattle now has the smallest apartments in the nation.  Even smaller than the average apartment in both Chicago and New York.  Seattle's average apartment is 711 square feet, compared to 733 square feet in Chicago and Manhattan...these are the average's overall.  

The average studio-apartment is 461 square feet, one-bedrooms are 676 square feet, and the average 2-bedroom apartment in Seattle is 956 square feet.  And let's not even get started on the rent!

In the past decade the average apartment size has increased a meager 4%, while rents in the area have gone up nearly 75%, the national average on rent hikes is 28%.  

The average rent for a 2-bedroom apartment as of 10/2018 is $2,740/month.  When I moved here in 1993 I rented a 3-bedroom HOUSE for $900/month.  And I had really long hair.  And rode a crotch-rocket with birkenstocks.  And a tank-top.  And really tight shorts.  

And, obviously, I was really single at the time, too.

Vacancy Rate For U.S. Apartments Reaches Highest Rate In 20 Years


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