Danny and Amy's Zoltar Reading

Danny and Amy's Zoltar Reading

Danny and Amy found Zoltar Speaks and Amy got the following fortune..

Oh for the powers the gifts gives us to see ourselves as others see us (Bobby Burns)

Well, my dear outspoken one, you are quick to criticize others, did you ever stop and analyze yourself. You are very sensitive person and a very critical one. You have a very sharp tongue which may cause unhappiness to others. You are of a generous disposition and knowingly would not hurt anyone. You have a keen mind. Try to improve it. Your best friends like you for your wit. Try to cultivate a red haired person. Therein lies a great deal of happiness for you.

Play again!

Your lucky numbers: 26,32,05,39,36,01

Amy has cultivated a red haired person so this fortune must be true!!! 


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