Sarah's Beer of the Week 09.13.18

Last week Matt and I did a big road trip around Scotland.  What an amazingly beautiful country, full of rich history.  They are proud of their history and most every pub and restaurant is full of local fare.  Of course I sampled plenty of Scottish whiskey.  I also had Scottish gin, as that's a big thing there right now.  But they do a lot of craft beer, and the Scots have their traditional beer as well.  Cask conditioned brews are readily available.  I had a few room temperature beers.  There were a handful of IPA's, but I mainly stuck to porter, stout, brown and ale.  One of my fav's was New Caledonia, Belhaven Black and Schiehallion.  Scotland is a country I'd recommend, and if you go, be sure to drink's worth it!


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