Where Has Sarah's Beaver Been? (8/17)

Especially with Pearl Jam's shows last week and the Sub Pop 30th anniversary Saturday, everybody's talking about this place. Not because all the members of Seattle's "Grunge" heyday bands went to see moderately-popular bands ignored by radio there that made them want to be in bands, and not because they came back later and played there themselves. No, as usual it's because some greedy developer from out of town wants to tear another bit of Seattle's fading history down and replace it with a big ugly lego-condo building.  It got a 10-month stay of execution from the Seattle City Council this week, but it could still become a 44 story "luxury" turd on first avenue if it isn't granted "landmark status". Sarah's Beaver's photographer was at most of those early 80's shows too, and took her along to help save this place!

If you can tell Danny and Sarah where her Beaver has been Friday morning, you could win a $50 gift card to about the hottest brewery on the West Coast right now, Georgetown Brewing Company, makers of Manny's, Roger's, Lucille,9 Pound, and Bodhizatva! Yum!

As always, the phone number to use is 1-800-252-1025...good luck, and Happy Beaver Hunting!

Save The Showbox!


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