Hagar Vs Van Halen Saga Continues

Sammy Hagar, West Hollywood 2017, Emma McIntyre/Getty Images

According to BlabberMouth.net  Sammy Hagar tried to reach out to former band mate Alex Van Halen on May 8th for his 65th birthday to send him birthday wishes and see to if he wanted to hang out.  Hagar claims he heard nothing in return. Maybe he had the wrong phone number or email address? That still happens right?

This isn't the first former band member Hagar has tried to connect with recently who gave him the cold shoulder. He asked David Lee Roth to join him at a car show. Not only did he invite him, but offered to PAY him to be there and jam with him on stage. Hagar reports that he never heard back.

If you had high hopes for a Van Hagar reunion anytime soon I'm sorry to burst your bubble but I think you will just have to play your favorite tracks on repeat for now. 



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