Where Has Sarah's Beaver Been? [5/25]

A new museum opened in Seattle recently. Usually Sarah's Beaver sends their publicity team a note offering to grace them with her presence and give a little free publicity with the legions of fans trying to figure out where she's been each week, but...this time? Nothing but crickets! I guess they're busy enough they don't care, or...maybe they have something against large, primarily nocturnal semi-aquatic rodents. 

If you can tell Danny and Sarah where her Beaver has been Friday morning, you could win a pair of tickets to see the prog-rock genius of Todd Rundgren's Utopia, Friday June 1st in Seattle's historic Moore Theater! Don't plan on getting dropped off at the front door in your Limo, though...Councilman Mike O'Brien had them put an empty bicycle lane in front, in case he wants to go to the show on his pedal-bike. Which he probably doesn't, but...CARS ARE BAD, M'Kay?


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