Sarah's Beer of the Week 05.31.18

A trip back to the East Coast must include to very important things.  Lobster and Harpoon.  I go to visit family a few times a year, and they are always willing to indulge me.  Harpoon Brewery is one of the grandaddy's of craft beer.  While it started around the time of Sam Adams Brewing, it's far less known.  The real standout from Harpoon is their IPA.  This is a hoppy, citrusy, delicious IPA.  It is 5.9% ABV and totally well rounded.  It has bitter hops flavor, but isn't bitter.  It has a floral aroma, but it doesn't overpower.  It's just a straight up smooth and wonderful IPA.  I have yet to see it in the Pacific Northwest, but if you're on the East Coast, this is a must try brew.  Goes perfectly with a New England Lobster Roll!  Lobsta and beeah.  Yum. 

Family Lobster Bake!
Harpoon IPA...YUM


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