Sarah's Beer of the Week 05.15.18

The weather has been fantastic lately.  Not warm enough for summer beers but not cool enough for big IPA's.  Enter No-Li Brewing House Red Ale.  This one came my way courtesy of Paul, the show producer.  When he's not killing animals for dinner, #Paulthebutcher is seeking out tasty brews.  No-Li Spin Cycle Red pours rather dark in color.  Has good carbonation.  Smells and tastes a bit fruity without being sweet.  Not bitter.  I've had several of their beers, and been to Spokane several times, but don't believe I've ever stepped foot inside this brewery.  I need to change that!  They have plenty of brew offerings, you'll find them in most Western WA stores.  This red is like a classic ESB, and if that's your pleasure, you will like this one for sure!  Thanks Paul!  And next time, bring Matt some bacon.


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