May 3rd is National Paranormal Day

According to National Today May 3rd is National Paranormal Day! It's a day to share your spooky stories and your paranormal encounters with friends and family. Even if you haven't encountered a ghost you can still celebrate :) 

There are oh so many ways to experince National Paranormal Day here are few ideas for you to start with! 

  • Have a Paranormal Party, include spooky treats that would usually only be used around Halloween example: pull out the ghost cookie cutter and make ghost shaped sugar cookies! 
  • Check out social media for posts with #nationalparanormalday and connect with other paranormal enthusiasts 
  • Find a haunted house/ haunted tour in the area like Haunted History Ghost Tours in Pioneer Square 
  • Visit a graveyard!! Make sure to bring candles
  • Pull out the Oujia board with friends
  • What a Scary Movie about Ghosts! 

There are so many possibilities, what are you doing on National Paranormal Day? 

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