Robert Plant Thinks Current Rock Music Is Dull

In a recent interview Robert Plant was very candid about the state of rock music. At age 69, Led Zeppelin frontman Robert Plant is just like a lot of 69-year-olds - not very impressed with modern rock music. (Is anyone really no matter the age?) But while most others might think music is too loud, Plant thinks it's too "dull". 

Is he right? Has rock music become complacent?Have people stopped trying to push the envelope? I think with the current political climate and strong opposing view points on the world mean we can expect for some amazing new music from the next generation of musicians. If history and classic rock have taught us anything, some of the best music has come form times of protest and discontent within the youth. Times of angst and frustration can change the music scene entirely. Maybe Robert Plant is right for now, its boring but I get the distinct feeling that could be changing in the near future! 

 Below is that interview, you can click HERE to read more about it

-Amanda J



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