The Story Behind A Plaque Honoring Jimi Hendrix

What's the story behind this plaque?  Is that a KZOK I see on there? Make sure to listen this morning at 5:45 and Danny Bonaduce will tell you what it's all about.

Update (9:15a) Here's the audio from this morning's show where Danny tells the story of how he came across this plaque at the Woodland Park Zoo:


Update (10:30a) One of our fine listeners, Michael, heard Danny's story on the air this morning was kind enough to send in this picture that was taken years ago:

The Seattle Times had this to say:

The memorial consists of a series of rocks surrounded by a mosaic walkway in a flame design.

The largest rock used to be heated — a “hot rock” meant to symbolize Hendrix’s music — but the heating element hasn’t worked for years.

Attached to the rock is a bronze plaque in the shape of a sunburst that reads, “This viewpoint was funded by worldwide donations to KZOK Radio in the memory of Jimi Hendrix and his music.”

And, of course our resident rock historian, Scott Vanderpool, had to weigh in on the mystery... because Scotty was there, and knows how things went down.



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