Another Close Call For Washingstonians

@NationalCerealDay was abruptly spoiled late evening when hundreds of Washingstonians called in to the Stoney Hotline (911) to report a loud boom, followed by a bright flash of light. 

Of course, everyone's instinct is to pass it off as a maniacal meteor, but guess what?!  From NASA to "local meteorologists" noone was able to locate a single report of meteors/asteroids/comets/stoners in the forecast.  Hmmmmmm...what could it be then that was heard from the coast to the border?

According to a "local meteorologist", it was quite possibly a bolide, which defines a meteor that is so close to you that you can actually hear it crack the sound barrier.  And if you hear that, it means the meteor is about 17 miles away!  

Or 90,000 boxes of Sugared Slabs.


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