Jason Bonham's Led Zeppelin Experience Changes Name Suddenly

The sudden name change of Jason Bonham's Led Zeppelin Experience to Jason Bonham's Led Zeppelin Evening is not a typo or a mistake. Jason Bonham who has been preforming since 2010 under that name was asked to change by LED ZEPPELIN because they have plans for the term "Led Zeppelin Experience" possibly in conjunction with their 50th Anniversary. So really is it just a simple name change or is it a sign of bigger things to come??

Jason Bonham has been quoted by loudwire.com saying that he chose the name Led Zeppelin Evening because it meant he wouldn't have to change the back drops for the current tour or his extra special personalized licence plate which is JBLZE. 

Jimmy page did an interview with Planet Rock back in early February and when asked about a possible live reunion with Led Zeppelin Jimmy said: “I very much doubt it". With the sudden required name change of Jason Bonham's Tour it makes you really wonder what kind of magic could be happening that we don't know about yet. Maybe some sort of live tour without Jimmy Page, without Robert Plant, or John Paul Jones? Hence why it could be called a Led Zeppelin Experience and not Led Zeppelin? That is all just speculation and oh how much fun it is toying with all the possibilities, but really only time will tell what Led Zeppelin plans on doing now that they have the term 'Led Zeppelin Experience' all to themselves!

Currently the only confirmed things happening with Led Zeppelin in regards to their 50th anniversary are the following :

  • 3/23 A remastered version of the Live Album 'How The West Was Won' on a ton of formats. Find out how to pre-order it HERE
  • 4/21 Led Zeppelin's First Ever Record Store Day Release. Limited Edition 7" single produced by Jimmy Page. Featuring unreleased versions of 'Rock and Roll' and 'Friends' Details can be found HERE
  • October 2018 Led Zeppelin's first ever official illustrated book; Led Zeppelin by Led Zeppelin is a 368-page master piece that has never before seen photographs and artwork from Led Zeppelin plus contributions from photographers all over the globe. You can Pre-Order yours HERE

-Amanda J

P.S Jason Bonham's Led Zeppelin Evening along with Foreigner and Whitesnake will be at White River Amphitheater 7/27 and you can purchase tickets HERE 


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