Friday Favorites (Genesis Edition)

Let's dive right in with some classic prog rock from the Progfather himself, Mr. Peter Brian Gabriel! For those of you who only know the Sussudio, Mama, Invisible Touch, Land of Confusion incarnation of Genesis... well this is quite a different band. 

Back in the late 60s Genesis formed with Peter Gabriel fronting the group. Initially starting off as a folk band with the release of their first album From Genesis to Revelation which never achieved great success. The band was then signed to Charisma records while they accrued a young drummer by the name of Phil Collins and guitarist, Steve Hackett. This was the nucleus that spawned the beginnings of their progressive sound. With the release of their next album, Trespass.. a once shy Gabriel had learned the rewards of interacting with a shocked crowd (mainly schoolboys) he had broken out of his shell starting to play with makeup and masks, even shaving a channel in his lovely brown locks.. they just ate it up. 

The band went on to release 4 more records with Peter at the helm. At this point in time he had dug far into character creation and would dance about the stage in strange flamboyant costumes, while the rest of the band would stay subdued in the shadows, even sitting on stools for the duration of the concerts.. after all this was prog rock (a very serious matter.) Peter was the visual show, he brought the music to life as he pranced around the stage dressed as a flower or sexually transmitted disease. This would eventually start affecting the musical performance and would become the center of conflict within the band, especially between keyboardist Tony Banks and PG. The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway was the last record before Peter decided to leave in 1975.

Peter for me, will always be the main frontman of Genesis.. His biting lyrics and charisma are second to none. He was able to take a very talented band and make the performance side of the show just as enticing.. he created the story, the emotion, the soul. See the band at their prime in 1973 below... 

A song off of the last masterpiece Peter did with the band.. This was somewhat of a rock opera, a story about a character named Rael who finds himself in a life changing expedition through the New York underground.

And for the grand finale... a 22 minute epic journey to Jerusalem! (you can find the live performance in the clip above) 

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