Oval Office Has Same Gravity As The Moon!

According to his White House physical, President Donald Trump is in excellent health, stands 6' 3" and weighs 239 lbs. That's amazing for a 71 year old man who doesn't exercise, drinks diet Coke's and eats McDonald's on a regular basis.

By comparison, Kam Chancellor of the Seahawks stands 6'3" and weighs 235. How could this be you ask? "Trump seems MUCH larger than Kam!" The only logical explanation is that the Oval office in the White House has the exact same gravitational pull as the surface of the moon. 

Perhaps NASA astronauts have given Moon rocks and dust brought back from missions to various Presidents over the years, and now the Oval office, and maybe the entire White House, now has less gravity. It's either that, or the President's doctor is dyslexic. The only question then would be: Does the President weigh 293 lbs. or 329 lbs.? 

Kam Chancellor 8-1

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