Sarah's Beer of the Week 1.11.18

Matt and I spent the week after Christmas in Baja.  When you think of beers in Mexico, let's be honest, you think of Corona.  Maybe Sol or Tecate.  Those are great beers to enjoy on a hot day.  But Mexico, like the rest of the world, is embracing craft beer.  Especially Baja California.  There are a lot of craft brewers out of Tijuana, Encenada and Valle Guadalupe.  I'll be honest, not all of them were great.  One was spectacularly over carbonated.  And some don't have the hops punch that PNW beers do.  But if you're looking for something with more flavor than a Corona, you're now going to have options when you're in Mexico.  Check out my pics and descriptions below!  

This one was my favorite.  A Pale Ale out of Tijuana with great flavor.

Mako is a pale ale out of Ensenada.  All of their beers have great labels.

Red IPA from Aguamala Brewery

Vienna Lager is delicious.  And for some reason, it's made very few places.  Mexico is fond of Vienna Lager, and this one is very good.

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