Friday Favorites

In my element..

This version of Floyd's Fat Old Sun is much more extensive than the original.. it's 15 minutes of euphoric beauty leading you in with Gilmour's haunting vocals and then a massive jam going through many peaks and valleys, a melodic journey. John Peel was one of the original BBC 1 radio jockeys who promoted some of the greatest musicians to grace our Earth.. You can find some incredible performances from his "Peel Sessions" which started in '67 and went until his death in 2004. Rest In Peace, John. 

Jeff Buckley was an incredibly talented young man who was taken from us far too soon.. his velvety vocals give me chills with this number. In fact, I recommend buying the entire album Grace. It has become a cult classic and is a must for anyone who can appreciate a talented artist. Fun fact: Jeff's father was American singer/songwriter Tim Buckley. 

As some of you may know I am a Peter Gabriel fanatic.. This song is something I think we can all relate to at some point in our lives. Peter has a way of turning parts of the human condition into song form. He can place himself in other people's perspectives and translate them with biting lyrics and dark melodies.. "You know I hate to hurt you, I hate to see your pain, but I don't know how to stop." 

And to cap off the night.. a little Grateful Dead. This song is based off of Steinbeck's of Mice and Men. A more mellow Dead song, but filled with their classic harmonies and Weir's iconic guitar sound. 

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