Sarah's Beer of the Week 01.04.17

You know me, I have a 'when in Rome' attitude when it comes to travel.  I try to eat and drink like a local.  Most of the time it works out really well.  Sometimes not as when Matt ate seal in Greenland.  Anyway...right before Christmas I went to Panama for vacation.  Many hot locations are all about a light, refreshing beer.  Not a lot of hops, flavor, or intricate recipes.  While this was true of Panama, I did find some really great craft beer.  Two breweries were flat out amazing.  La Rana Dorada and Casa Bruja were outstanding.  I drank great beer, met some interesting people (including a couple living in Panama who are from Sequim) and had a really fun time.  Panama is an incredible city.  A lager or pilsner is fantastic in the hot weather, but check out all the beers I had below!

Outdoor oasis at Casa Bruja

Outdoor oasis at Casa Bruja

Light and refreshing lager
IPA from La Rana Dorada
OK, I snuck a few Mojito' in...
Looks like Coca Cola, but is more like a Bud
Casa Bruja Pale Ale


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