Forever Changes

We are about to get groovy today... the summer of love you've never heard of! "Love" was an LA based rock band created in the mid 60's by singer Arthur Lee who composed many of their original hits later to carry on with singer Bryan MacLean who was the main song writer for the cult classic Forever Changes. Although many times classified as a psychedelic album I find it to be a much more diverse sounding record and need not be pinned to one genre. Yes, it definitely has the quality of an LSD, dreamlike, flower power jam session but there is so much more to it. The musicianship, the blend of exotic sounds created by a multitude of horns and strings as well as full blown rock band. This makes for a compelling sound with a world music vibe. 


Although I would always recommend listening to the LP which was originally released in 1967 there was a 2 CD remastered version released in 2008 and it includes some incredible outtakes/demos... some of which I think are better than many of the tracks on the actual album.

Here is the making of a tremendous track called Your Mind and We Belong Together which includes the multiple takes it took to get the production just right, even including the sound engineer's voice speaking through the control room intercom. It's a little insight into the brilliance of the song. I recommend listening all the way through, it makes the end product a much more glorious payoff..


Love may have only attained moderate success in the music charts but their ingenuity is so much more deserving. Give them a listen and drift off into a sound which stands all its own... 



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