This Vinyl Should Be Played Loud!

It was Thanksgiving day, 1976 at the Winterland Ballroom in the heart of San Francisco.. This was no ordinary evening, no ordinary show. The lights were dimmed... flashes from cameras, a buzzing crowd, the elation consumed the air. Then a voice, "Good evening" a roar from the guests, and two hits on Levon Helm's snare toppling into a funky riff flying off of Robbie Robertson's bronze plated Strat. This was the beginning of a legendary evening that marked the end of one exceptional "Band." 


This triple LP was originally released in 1978 along with the film directed by Martin Scorsese. Surprisingly I love the vinyl on its own just as much as the movie, it brings a new experience to something so familiar. Many music connoisseurs will tell you about the wonders of The Last Waltz.. it's barrage of skilled musicians collaborating to create the magnum opus of a show. Listening to the vinyl takes away the visual aspect giving it a new life, you start to hear and appreciate new pieces, certain lyrics and riffs resonate that were once so minimal and understated. A perfect presentation of 5 incredibly talented gentleman that represented the sound of an era. Levon Helm wailing as he played the drums, Robbie and his iconic melodies, Rick Danko on bass with a voice so painfully devastating, Richard Manual rocking the keys and Garth Hudson utterly demolishing the organ. 


The Last Waltz is definitely a must have for any vinyl collector or any music lover at that. A classic, providing hours of soulful sounds with contributions from Neil Young, Eric Clapton, Ron Wood, Joni Mitchell, Van Morrison and many more. A moment in time captured.



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