Where Has Sarah's Beaver Been? 9/11

You may have noticed Sarah went on vacation last week, and as most people are doing this summer, didn't go far...just up North a bit...to a place frequented by the uber-rich from all over the world. You'd expect locals like Bill Gates and Chris Pratt to have homes here....they do...but Oprah bought a place, Neil Young and Daryl Hannah got married here...and they're just the ones who get caught by the media...tons of the seriously wealthy come here from states with an income tax, and if they report it as their primary residence for 6 months and 1 day, they can avoid paying them altogether...Washington is the best state to be rich in...but I didn't see any of them...they're almost as stealthy as Beavers!

If you can tell Danny and Sarah where her Beaver has been at 7:20 Friday morning, you could win a coveted and highly collectible KZOK T-Shirt!

As always, the phone number to use is 1-800-252-1025...good luck, and Happy Beaver Hunting!