Where Has Sarah's Beaver Been? 11/9

This week Sarah's Beaver looks ahead to this Sunday, which is Veteran's Day....Veteran's Day wasn't always Veteran's Day though...it started out as Armistice Day, marking the end of World War One at the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month. 100 years ago this Sunday. Of course according to most historians the "War to End All Wars" didn't...pretty much started another, even bigger one 20 years later, and in 1954 Armistice Day became Veteran's Day. Most American municipalities have halls dedicated to organizations that honor America's veterans, Sarah's Beaver couldn't visit them all, but found two on one street in this Seattle neighborhood...

If you can tell Danny and Sarah where her Beaver has been Friday morning, you could win a $50 Gift Card to iHop....The International House of Pancakes! Yum!

As always, the phone number to use is 1-800-252-1025...good luck, and Happy Beaver Hunting!


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