Sarah's Beer of the Week 04.29.2021

I'll be honest, I don't make it to Tacoma all that often. There are some great things about it, for sure, but I feel like many of us have been sticking closer to home this past year. I decided to spend some time hiking around Mt. Rainier, which meant a stop for supplies in Tacoma. And by supplies I mean food from Loak Toung Thai and some cans from Odd Otter Brewing Company. I'd never heard of them, and hadn't been there before. What a shame, because they are brewing fantastic beer! I loved their Shattered Gold IPA and the Ottzel Qualzel Pale Ale. And considering I'd brought Sarah's Beaver it was a match made in heaven. They're right on Pacific Ave, and everyone in there was super nice. A plus? Hilarious restrooms. Just trust me on this one. Next time your travels take you to Tacoma, make sure a stop at Odd Otter is on your itinerary!