Sarah's Beer of the Week 04.22.2021

Many moons ago I did a video beer blog from Figurehead Brewing. You can watch it HERE. I've been back several times but realized I hadn't covered their beer for the blog in a while. This is a nice spot, near Fisherman's Terminal in Magnolia/ Interbay. They have indoor/outdoor space. And like all other breweries are doing their best to evolve during this crazy past year. They have contactless delivery. They're bottling. They are selling their beers to-go. One thing we've all realized is that supporting local is so important. Sometimes it's easy...when a brewery puts out some really tasty beers. They have lots of English and Belgian inspired ales. That's what I normally drink there, so this time around I tried some IPA bombers. They don't do a ton of IPA, but I was really pleased with these two. The 4 Mile Rock is a British IPA, which tends to mean a maltier edge to the beer. The Rock the Spot Hops IPA is a Juicy Norwegian IPA. Not a style I've tried before. Both were super good, and very different from each other. Another one in the W column for Figurehead!