Sarah's Beer of the Week 03.11.2021

Not much beats sitting around the fire with a good beer. We just got a new firepit, and figured we should try a new beer to celebrate. Reuben's Brews has something called the Crush Series, and each month they come out with a new amazing beer. This one is especially relatable to the area since it's made with 'Grungeist' hops. And the can is akin to Nirvana logos. One of the things about Reuben's that amazes me, is their ability to create new and exciting beers, and never have a 'miss'. I feel like their mastermind Adam must wake/dream about beer each and every moment. SO many styles and SO many delicious beers to be had. This one is no exception. Do you like a Hazy IPA? You'll dig this. 6% ABV and full o'delicious hop flavors. If you don't find this one, pick up the next in the Crush Series. As history is proving, you can't go wrong with a beer from Reuben's!