Sarah's Beer of the Week 02.11.2021

I'll admit that it's been a while since I went to Tacoma for beers. So when I saw E9 Brewing Co cans at Metropolitan Market I had to pick some up. I haven't been there in too long. I loved their patio area under the big ol' tree! More importantly...their beer is really good! I've been drinking a lot of browns and IPA's so I was up for something different. I got the Vital Transormation Saison. It's in a 16oz can, 4 pack. This is an easier drinking saison, would be great for someone who is interested in trying one, but doesn't want to taste the whole farmyard. For me, when someone says it tastes farmyard-y that's not the most enticing. It's got the funk but not the whole farm. This beer has nice tiny bubbles. It's light effervescent Belgian.  And it is flavorful without being a punch in the nose. I saw several styles at Met Mkt and I'll be returning for more, to tide me over until a trip down to Tacoma. Continue to support local brewers my friends. Cheers.