Sarah's Beer of the Week 02.25.2021

The first craft beer I ever had was Sam Adams. Many think of Sam Adams and Jim Koch as the grandpappy of craft brewing. Growing up in Massachusetts, we drank Miller Lite and Michelob Light when we were feeling fancy. Then as our tastes matured, we got Samuel Adams. The beer scene has changed a lot in the 2000. Massachusetts has several great craft breweries. This week I tried an imperial stout from Outlook Farm Brewery. They brew a handful of styles, IPA, Belgian, Blueberry Pale and more. The Imperial Stout is brewed with Irish yeast, and clocks in at 7.2% ABV. More manageable than many imperials. The taste is rich and chocolatey. It's smooth and not bitter. I encourage y'all to support local brewers. Jim Koch does.