Sarah's Beer of the Week 12.10.2020

Another beer this week from my trip to Whidbey Island. I've heard people rave about Penn Cove Brewing Co's pumpkin stout. Had to try it out for myself. Penn Cove is Whidbey's biggest brewery. We went to the Coupville location. They have a good sized outdoor space, with heat lamps, table fireplaces and picnic tables. Lots of people seemed to be interested in the pumpkin stout as well! And for good reason. Delicious. It's rich and roasty, filled with pumpkin flavor, without being sweet or sickly. Tons of great flavor, and perfect for the Winter months. It's also cool that the pumpkins used are grown on Whidbey. They seem to be very local minded, and into the community. What's not to love about that. They are making great beer, you should check them out if you find yourself on Whidbey! Cheers.