Sarah's Beer of the Week 12.03.2020

Spent some time out on Whidbey Island over the holiday, and not only is it beautiful, there are some great breweries. One of them is Ogres Brewing. This is a pretty small spot, with an impressive beer list. They are presently doing growlers to go, and you can find their beer on top at several places on the island. The Winter Ale, the Black IPA and Blonde were fantastic! Did we need three growlers? No. Did we need to try three of their beers? Yes. Bonus to visiting Ogres...two huge friendly dogs. I probably spent 20 minutes rolling around on the ground with them. I look forward to returning to Whidbey once things reopen so I can hang out in their funky taproom. Good beer here, and did I mention that Whidbey is beautiful?!