Sarah's Beer of the Week 10.15.2020

It's October...or is it Oktober. In honor of Oktoberfest I decided some German beer drinking was in order. Total Wine has a pretty serious selection. I picked up a 4 pack I'd never heard of before from a brewer called Kostrizker. German beer tends to be malty. Banana-y wheat. Or light like a Helles or Kolsch. When you think of German beer you rarely think hops. Not the case here. The Pale Ale from Kostrizker is the hoppiest German beer I've encountered! Sometimes I crave something specific from my German beer, but I also never say no to a good hop. This beer is hop bitter, full bodied, and a surprising 7% ABV. If you're craving a traditional German style beer then this isn't it. If you want to try something new and DO like hops, this will hit the spot. Prost!