Sarah's Beer of the Week 08.27.2020

You know what is a good beer in the summer? Wheat beer. One that's been around for ages, but I don't drink often, is Apricot Ale from Pyramid Brewing Co. If you're from the PNW you've certainly heard of Pyramid. They've been around since the 80's. I always see their beer in stores but this week it really caught my eye because I noticed the labeling changed. And I thought, with it being summer and all...this would be a great time to drink some. This is an easy drinking, flavorful beer. You get the apricot but don't get overwhelmed by sweetness. It's bready, malty and yes, fruity. It clocks in at 5.1% making it a nice choice for the season. Sadly, Pyramid Alehouse in SoDo shut down permanently. The good news? You can still find their beer stores. They make a lot of varieties and you should enjoy this one while our short summer is still here!