Sarah's Beer of the Week 03.21.19

This week I was gifted a can of Imperial Stout from a brewery out of Connecticut. Back East Brewing Company. They are from Bloomfield Connecticut, home of my alma mater University of Hartford. While I haven't been back in ages, I was pleasantly surprised to hear there is a growing craft beer scene. Back in the day, bars offered Heineken, Bud, Miller Lite and Sam Adams. The interest in craft beer has really exploded over the years and it's always fun to try something new. This Imperial Stout is a big boy, at 8% ABV. It's part of their Hammer of the Gods series. I put on some Led Zeppelin, and into a snifter it went. Since it's so high in ABV Matt and I opted to share. Lots of roast. Malt. Some coffee bitterness. Full bodied for sure. Pretty darned smooth. I'd tell you to pick some up to try at home, but you'll have to make a trip to the East Coast to do so. No West Coast for this brewery...yet. IN the meantime, support your local brewers. There are a lot of people out there making delicious beer!


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